Allegra of Northbrook, Illinois has been saving thousands of dollars for years, by
using our ink. Allen Waner says the only difference he sees is the savings, and he's willing to tell you so. Really, call him at 847-480-4663 if you want an independent testimonial.

All you do is drop the cartridge in the printer and print–sound familiar? Hey, you have to do the same thing with OEM inks, so why not save 50% or more and use an ink that makes a significant improvement in your bottom line and allows you to be more competitive and also support American made products?

Look, there's nothing wrong with OEM inks, they work fine. And, while our inks are more refined and faster drying, that alone may not convince you to switch. Consider this, OEMs switch from one ink company to another to find better pricing overseas, simply to improve their bottom line. If our ink cost less than ink in China, OEMs would buy it here, as they have in the past. Now, we can't compete with China's prices, but we can offer ink directly and greatly improve your bottom line. You have everything to gain, just like Allen Waner of Allegra can attest. We guarantee it.