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About Us

All you do is drop the cartridge in the printer and print–sound familiar? Hey, you have to do the same thing with OEM inks, so why not save 50% or more and use an ink that makes a significant improvement in your bottom line and allows you to be more competitive and also support American made products?

Look, there's nothing wrong with OEM inks, they work fine. And, while our inks are more refined and faster drying, that alone may not convince you to switch. Consider this, OEMs switch from one ink company to another to find better pricing overseas, simply to improve their bottom line. If our ink cost less than ink in China, OEMs would buy it here, as they have in the past. Now, we can't compete with China's prices, but we can offer ink directly and greatly improve your bottom line. You have everything to gain, just like Allen Waner of Allegra can attest. We guarantee it.


Replacement ink for Canon’s imagePROGRAF series can run you hundreds of dollars, and when you are printing commercially or on a regular basis this can really cut into your bottom line. Instead of purchasing OEM ink, which is Chinese made and carries a heavy manufacturer markup, consider our made in the USA, quality tested ink. We test every batch to ensure that it is chemically analogous to the manufacturers ink and the chips that they use are the same. Save yourself hundreds and achieve the same great quality you are used to by using ProInk USA’s professional quality line of inks. We are able to offer such discounted prices by skipping the manufacturer markup and instead selling you high quality domestically made ink. In addition to Canon's printers, we are proud to supply ink for most major printers such as Epson, HP, Roland and more.


Full Line of Inks for Epson & Canon Printers

Instead of purchasing expensive OEM inks directly from the manufacturer, save hundreds by purchasing high quality ink made in the USA! We offer a full line of inks, if you have any questions about what ink is compatible with your printer feel free to call us at 1-805-747-4611 and we will be happy to help you.